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Working in Confined Spaces


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18 minutes 45 seconds

This course is designed to help workers and managers to undertake a valid risk assessment of working in confined spaces and to act on that risk assessment in their workplace.

This program defines a confined space and discusses that a confined space is determined by the hazards that may exist, not just because the work is done in a small space.

The course then identifies the typical hazards associated with working in confined spaces and specifies the various control measures that can be adopted to minimise the risks associated with those hazards.

The program also covers the need for a Confined Spaces Entry Permit to be issued before any work commences in a confined space. The program details the way that such a permit is issued and its contents.

The course ends with the unique risks associated with contractors working on your site and with a list of things that a worker can do to look after their own safety at work when working in confined spaces.

The program is followed by a quiz which requires a pass mark of 80% to be considered competent.


A certificate is available to print off on satisfactory completion of the course and the quiz.



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