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Sustainability Upgrades


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Smart owners corporations know the environmental and financial benefits of managing energy and water consumption and helping their residents reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Up to 60 per cent of an apartment building’s total energy can be used in common areas. This is particularly high in buildings with centralised plant and equipment, and underground car parks. Utilities (energy, water and gas) can account for 20-25% of a scheme’s administrative fund expenditure.

Instead of wasting money on excessive consumption, you can divert more of your levies to the capital works fund to cover building upgrades.

Experience has shown that apartment buildings can reduce common property energy consumption by 30-40% and water use by 20-25% per cent in the short-term by using cost effective measures. Waste management can also be significantly improved.

Medium to longer-term opportunities to further improve a building’s environmental performance are a worthwhile consideration in the capital works plan. The capital works fund can be used to do more than just cover the costs of future capital expenses – it can used as an investment in improved building performance.

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