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Bullying Prevention


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This course is designed for all workers and their management wherever they work and whatever they do.

This program is designed to help you understand what is bullying, and what is not bullying. It is also designed to help you recognise the impact on the individual and the workplace of bullying, and to know the rights and responsibilities of managers and staff in this area. The course then raises awareness of organisational and individual strategies to prevent and to deal with bullying, and shows you what everyone can do to help maintain a positive workplace.

The course provides the regulatory framework for workplace bullying and differentiates between direct and indirect bullying giving detailed examples of each type of behaviour.

The program also covers the specific steps that can be taken by those in charge of the business to prevent bullying and then emphasise what workers can do if they believe they have been bullied at work.

The program is followed by a quiz which requires a pass mark of 80% to be considered competent.

A certificate is available to print off on satisfactory completion of the course and the quiz.


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